Yes, You Can Make Your Own Ricotta Cheese!



One of the things I hear from people constantly, when they comment on the things I cook, is how impressed they are with my ability to make extremely difficult, incredibly complicated things. Usually I just smile and say thank you, because so few people are willing to believe me when I say that really, it’s not difficult or complicated. I mean, some things certainly are. My very first batch of macarons came out surprisingly well, but after several years and making them dozens of times, they’re certainly not something I’d recommend to a beginner. Most things, though, are nowhere near as complicated and difficult as people generally think they are. Case in point: ricotta cheese.

I am not messing with you at all right now. Ricotta cheese is stupidly easy to make. And really, given the price of those little tubs at the grocery store and how easy it is to make it yourself, why wouldn’t you? It takes about 90 minutes but only about 10 of that is actual active work. An hour of that time is just letting the cheese drip, and the other 20 minutes or so is waiting for the milk to heat.   Continue reading